Mission Pacific

A weekend getaway: Oceanside, California

On this very first review I want to talk about a local favorite beach front hotel my family and I continue to enjoy in many weekends away from home. The World of Hyatt’s Mission Pacific Hotel in Oceanside California.

A boutique hotel that sits on the pacific coast highway quite enough to where you can hear the bike reels and pedals of cyclist as you watch them zoom by in your own generous balcony uninterrupted by glass railings. Mornings are diffused by soft light that catches the marine layer as the glistening sun dances intensely on the horizon slowly catching a glimpse of a surfer doing a cutback maneuver.

Oceanside Pier

Just across the highway the oceanside pier stands about 1900 feet long unobstructed by the thundering waves below. Enjoy a nice steady walk, a laid back fishing afternoon, watch surfers catch big waves, or grab a bench for a beautiful picturesque sunset view in the horizon. It connects to Pier View way that boast a lively street fair every Thursday starting at five in the afternoon (one of my many favorites). Lively music and wonderful variety of food with the incredible california weather all year round makes for an easy weekend getaway.

Where to dine

There are many restaurants that my family enjoy going to just a walking distance away. Grab a bite of pizza (my kids favorite Zigzag pizza pie), my wife’s favorite korean build your own bibimbap, ice cream for the kids or a nice Japanese dine in (Harney Oceanside Sushi) are just a few of our favorites on the list. The hotel has dine in reservation for an exquisite rooftop experience with the ocean view and the sunset in the backdrop. A nice compliment after a wonderful day at the beach.

A few activities my kids enjoy in the hotel’s amenities are swimming in the pool on the rooftop, a nice few rounds of ping pong game or just lounging out enjoying Oceanside from up top catching albatross flyby and colorful cruising beetle vans.

Bike paths on the beach

I’ve had incredible time enjoying the california sun with the family strolling along the streets or just taking a nice bike ride along a nice bike path on the beach. I was able to bring the bike(s) in the hotel lobby and leave or store them there for the duration of our stay. I use the tyger auto 3 bike trunk mount to carry my steal road bike (32 lbs.), my wife’s mountain bike (33 lbs.) and my son’s bike. I use a rear child bike seat for my daughter who loves to tag along (nap most of the time) to places we go. A pannier bag on my bike is also handy when I like to bring a few snacks and a picnic blanket for a nice stop at the many parks or tables along the coastal trails enjoying a sunset retreat.

India and mama enjoying the comfort telling stories

My family have been enjoying our upgrade status as a Globalist for being a Hyatt member since 2018. We have enjoyed many suite room upgrade that bring in a wonderful panorama view of places we have traveled. Wonderful staff, luxury dining, and late check outs (4 pm) are just few of the many exclusive benefits we are continuing to enjoy as we explore and travel to different parts of the world, internationally, in the united states and locally.

This generous space and luxury we are able to stay in is a nice home away from home, locally- where we can enjoy our very own beach for the weekend, a trip to the Legoland theme park (about 9 miles away), and or enjoy a nice ocean view with the family in our very own suite without having to sacrifice for a high cost of living and owning a home by the beach in california.

the children ‘s favorite bath time at night

Our children are growing up fast. We continue to create memories that last a lifetime. Memories of the beach, the times I have them on my shoulders dripping ice cream on my head as I catch a kiss or two and an un-interrupted laughter’s throughout the night.

Catch my next review post as I continue to review on places we’ve stayed, camera gears I use, and essential travel equipments that work for me and my family on our travels. Thank you for the support!

I am a Hyatt affiliate. Learn how to be a globalist here. I also earn as an Amazon Associate. Thank you for the support!

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