Summer, coffee and play

Summer Solstice; an introduction

Ideally I would stow away the camera and claim a corner spot in the bed. This is usually when the coffee is just about digesting my breakfast I just consumed and conserving every calorie for the full day ahead.

Cover photo: I saw this nice diffused light trying to encamp around this window- almost a little nook in the corner of this room entertaining an idea. A third story view, a busy street below and a playful sun. As the kids hop on the this small window sill I stayed on the very corner of the bed discrete and snap away the magical story telling that illuminated the room. All I can remember are bouncing characters, loud banging noise and flights of ideas in a very foreign audibles of some sort. These are those fraction of space in time where I love to frame, with the help of the naturally vignette of the light coming through.

Fisherman’s Wharf | san Francisco

But how do you curate to become a child again? The little juxtapose of ideas that don’t conflict and the free will of the body to float in explicit gestures and genuine character. I resemble them with color or hue that just become an intrinsic nature of things- beauty. The Idea of summer sums up a child’s play and dance. Give them an approval of space with their friends and they are the reason to forget about the current displaced time. Live it and enjoy the very act of freedom, the very moment that exist.

On a trip to harbor Sand beach, swimming- ironically, was not on the list of things to do. Towards the end of the summer, lake Tahoe draws in a cooler breeze but tantalizing crystal clear waters. I naturally will wear a pair of swimming shorts for a quick dip in the cool waters. As the kids saw the boulders and its shapes peaking through the crystal lake waters, it’s become clear and apparent that we had to dive in and explore. Shivers and laughs were repeated patterns of the broken conversation and a clinched smile. It became obvious that this was the last destination of the day and a hot meal to suffice.

Somehow a little bit of that inner child intertwine with the playful swim and mime play underwater. As the sun turned orange and the waters cooled down, we headed out to a nice dinner and a hot miso.

But summer is just around the corner. The faint giggles from the year before is starting to accentuate as the spring months break through a steady breeze and longer daylight hours. Spotted dolphins on the california coast as surfers catch a thundering wave, or just a nice walk within the tall redwood trees play a wonderful tune and an open road song. In between long hour road trips entertain cinematic vista views and quaint small towns along the way. These are the kind of trips that fuel me to get on the road and explore- to write about ideas of exquisite beauty. From the many gas stops to ice cream delights, I continue to observe for a candid play of events that unfold.

‘But then, in spite of us, and without our permission, there comes at last an end to the bitter frosts. One morning the wind turns, and there is a thaw. And so I must still have hope. – Vincent Van Gogh

Summer is a grand theater, a play in the making. The children are poised to release the hibernated energy the winter months barred down. Let them create this magic of a show. Fill in the character that support the motive of the story. Play along the un-ending stories late in the night. Enjoy yourself a nice cup of coffee to yourself the next morning as the birds chirp away and the children snore for another hour or two.

These next few blogpost will take us back to sweet summer days of fun and the little magic that play along. See you on the next one. | This website is fueled with coffee. Thank you for your support!

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