Roar and Snore

A sleepover adventure in the San Diego Safari Park!

October 2021 | Imagine a night that’s captured the intimate darkness, the late October sun not hesitating to delay and retire itself to pave the way to a clear autumn sky. The crickets chirp loud and clear this pandemic uncertainty. Everyone is just about in their cozy glamour tent with a safari feel of a cottage furniture and an imitation gas lamp illuminating an ambient cool night.

Joel and India brush their teeth, burst into laughters, hop on the bed like the little monkey’s that they mimic and recollect from the safari zoo. The wonderful and full energy children that they are full of expressions and zest., well late into the night. They spin and twirl as they take flight into their bed hopping one foot and landing on their side bounching once more as giggle echo through the nylon walled tent. I gesture to hush them to a lower tone as the night invited more chirping.

As the night finally triumphed over the children’s energy and zeal, we tucked them in a comfortable hotel sheet covers and silky pillows. Then the first audible loud roar of a lion was heard. We all paused a moment to intently listen in to its significant powerful growl roll into succession. A bright eyed half asleep children awaken in awe and mouth hung loose with a deafening silence spoke louder in their expressions. A lion! Both of them broke into amazement and flights of ideas spilled like an uncontrolled water dam.

Lights out, lion snarl, a few more growl, a little un-contained giggles play out deeper into the late oblivion of the night. A wonderful bedtime story eventuate the best impression of the safari pride.

a glamour approach to camping with children. To fully enjoy this experience early spring or fall is ideal but the San Diego weather is perfect all year round as the temperature drops comfortably at night time.

Roar and Snore

We stayed one night within the safari grounds to experience “glamping” with the kids. Check in was at four in the afternoon and check out at nine in the morning the following day. There is plenty of time to stroll around when you get here. Our luxury tent accommodation boast a queen size bed and and two extra cot for a family of four like ours.

We had wonderful guided tour during the night to see nocturnal animals in their habitat like the cape porcupines, an up close viewing of the lions, and a wonderful diner and s’more with friends late into the twilight of the night.

The campground has a spacious dining area, clean common public bathroom that is a close walking distance to your tent and a wonderful trail along the African plains to see the rhino’s, elephants, wildebeest and giraffes. Following this loop trail will take you to the elephant valley, the lion camp and the African outpost. Focus your activities around these areas on your first day as they are an easy walk around the campground.

the kids getting ready early in the morning to watch the elephants feed right in front of our tent | we made this trip more memorable for them by inviting few of their friends

Waking up in the San Diego zoo Safari Park

wonderful morning glow saturate the beautiful stretch of vista bringing a buffer to the cool draft morning air, a very ideal time for a once in a lifetime coffee experience watching the animals play out their day

Waking up to a trumpeting sound of elephants is a wonderful experience and a different excitement for the kids and adults alike. Enjoy a cup of coffee as the glowing morning sun illuminate a few basking giants just a few yards from where you stand. The thrill of the rumbling giants will surely wake anyone from a deep slumber.

Feeding Giraffes

The first activity of the day was feeding the Giraffes as they come close to you in packs. The wonderful vista that stretch out in the backdrop play a magical and familiar cinematic story of a perching sun as the wildebeest, zebras and long necked giraffes pride in the land of rolling hills.

Breakfast was served after feeding the giraffes and we collected our things afterwards for an early check out at nine in the morning. Learn more about roar and snore on their official website.

The Safari Park

The adventure did not end there as we continued on to explore the safari park on our own the second day. We hit the tiger trail and into the world gardens. We took a short break at the lagoon loop within the Nairobi village for a quick snack. We then continued on to explore Gorilla forest and the African woods. A half day into the park is more than enough to enjoy the many different animals, playgrounds and easy stroll to learn about exotic wildlife. Download your safari map here for an easy navigation around the zoo.

We concluded our safari adventure and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Watering Hole restaurant with a prime view of rhinos and giraffes and an incredible vista view of the African Plains.

clockwise from the top: a photo of Joel sitting next to a beautiful tiger sculpture | a drawing pad is a wonderful idea to keep their creativity and imagination while exploring the park | our family photo in front of the tiger trail entrance into a scenic bamboo trail.

Is roar and snore worth it?

Memories are forever imprinted in these paved safari trails as mom’s tether stroller and dad’s hoist little ones. Beautiful wildlife of marvelous colors and form bring out the child in you as you mingle in laughter with your family.

In my own honest opinion, the one night sleep over in the park and the early check out was not enough. Nothing really can unless you travel the wonderful African countries to experience first hand the wild African safari. But the memories hold a lasting impression of genuine expressions of a child that can never be replicated. A wonderful family bond and memory that can someday spark the desire to travel the beautiful plains of Africa and explore its beautiful culture and people.

My advice would be to come in hours early to stroll the safari trail before checking in and continue to explore the rest of the zoo the next day after checking out.

The zoo is a very important milestone for kids. I was not able to visit one when I was a little child but was fortunate enough to grow up in a tropical island to see different animals surrounding me. To be able to fish with my grandfather in the ocean, climbing guava trees with a monkey, chasing chickens, a first hand encounter with a water buffalo in a rice field, feeding pigs, goats and wild turkey in my grandparents backyard.

All of these wonderful memory cultivated to my generous childhood of fun and my love for animals and the world around me. And yes, the one night of adventure and sleep over in the safari park with my family was worth every penny. Relieving my childhood through my children highlighted the very best of this trip. Thank you for the coffee!

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