A peek inside our one year annual pass at Legoland California

Building Lego(s) nurture the active and physical mind. It forms and build an inner creative process in a way that shelter the imagination, produce a self reflected satisfaction, and confidence within one’s inner child; over time build a concrete- stable judgement that can be applied to the everyday adult life, with a hint of a few lego block techniques and beautiful touch of magic; pattern and mostly fun. Your very own version of lego masters. It is actually a very rewarding to accomplish such creative process with your children. Here is our story.

Is Legoland worth the visit with your kids?

I want to take you in to our adventure as a pass holder for a year and walk you through all the activities, during different holidays and help you plan to make your visit worthwhile at Legoland park.

What is the best age to visit Legoland?

While it is best to visit Legoland between the age of 2-12, children over 12 can have as much fun and thrill within Legoland’s own coaster rides, attractions and waterpark. It is also worth mentioning the beautiful walk along colorfully decorated architectures to warp you back in time when life was more simpler and fun.

As soon as my two children started going to school, we planned our adventure to visit Legoland’s park and booked our annual pass the fall of 2021 when both were six and five years old. We made sure to enjoy this time in building them up to enjoy the park for a whole year, unhurried- and away from the usual larger crowd that fall during peak times. What we learned from this adventure was more than building physical blocks. It created a wonderful opportunity for us to bond as a family. A slight difference from our usual weekend trip and destination travel. It gave us the chance to experience being carefree and in tune to the inner child within.

The children didn’t start to love building Legos until halfway into the session’s pass. The benefit of building blocks freed them from hours of screen time and gave us quality time together building our imaginations and solving problems together as unit and team. It has nurtured their interest in enjoying each other’s company away from other distractions that otherwise separate us individually in our own free time.

The benefit of buying an annual pass

Legoland’s coastersaurus is a great introduction to young children and their first time on a rollercoaster. It loops around the coaster twice through a prehistoric jungle of LEGO brick dinosaurs.

The number one benefit to holding a season pass is enjoying the park at your own pace and your own time away from the huge crowd that come with peak hours and day. We visit the park on the weekdays specifically on a Wednesday when both the kids are home early from school before rush hour traffic. Looking forward to this each week is a great break from ‘adult life’ as we focus our attention to bonding with the kids. We take about a three to four hour trip at a time in the park. This weekday schedule fits perfectly on our schedule and gives us the time to enjoy the rides without the long wait. It breaks the monotony and mundane weekly chore. If we had to visit during the weekends, we take an easy stroll in the park and go for the shorter line to enjoy every bit of the park that we otherwise miss.

Is Legoland enough for two days?

The benefit of living locally is the option to buy the annual season pass. But if you were just visiting, I suggest going for at least a two day park pass and an extra day to enjoy the water park.

When is the best time to visit Legoland

Legoland is usually best to visit during the school days and cooler weather in early spring and during the fall months not including days that fall close to major holidays which is generally hectic and busy.

Is food allowed inside the park?

We usually bring a small lunch bag with with small snacks and crackers, juice and a separate 1.2 L water bottle. These small items are allowed in the park. There is also an option to buy drinks at a vending machine all over the park for a one time pay for a year.

Tip: Granny’s apple fries dusted with cinnamon sugar sold inside the park is one of our favorite snacks to buy. A signature treat invented at Legoland. It is a must to try when you visit Legoland California.

What we bring on our day trip to Legoland

We bring a foldable stroller (generally any small stroller is allowed inside the park), small lunch bag, water bottle, small sunscreen, and a duffle or gym bag with towels and extra dry clothes when we visit the water park.

Tip: If you were to do both park in one day, visit the theme park first and the water park the remaining half of the day.

The Legoland theme park

My children’s favorite rides are the dino, dragon and technic roller coaster rides. A wonderful introduction to a roller coaster ride in that very sequence. They also gravitate towards Emit’s triple decker 4D adventure ride. This is such an incredibly fun ride for both parents and children. It has become my daughter’s number one choice and sparked her to be creative in her own Lego build.

Tip: have one of your child use a secondary camera to help them be involve in documenting your travel and at the same time be creative in the process. My son Joel took this shot. A wonderful perspective captured in his own way of seeing the world.

The Legoland water park

The water park within the theme park is open seven days during the summer time and on a weekend towards the end of September months. There are several slides and water adventure including a lazy river within the park.

In fact, it features more than seven slides, sandy beaches and the unique Build-A-Raft River plus Pirate Reef and LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park comprising 10 acres of water fun! It has water cannon soaker to blast at different angle, a wave pool, soak and sail, tube slides and many more to enjoy the California sun during the summer time.

Make sure to bring water, small snacks, and plenty of sun screen to soak in the pacific sun. We store a biodegradable soap to rinse off after the fun at the water park if we wanted to stay for a nice stroll in the Legoland theme park afterwards.

India enjoying the water after sliding down the riptide racers.


The Legoland brick or treat is a fun activity for the kids to enjoy the halloween season in their favorite costumes, trick-or-treating with candy stations located throughout the park. Annual pass holder’s need to purchase a separate ticket at a discounted price.

Halloween band party with wonderful live band performance to sing and dance along

Halloween activity

Legoland monster party features live entertainment, character meet and greet, costume contest and of course more trick-or-treats for the kids. There are scavenger hunt in the park and live party to jam along. My children loved the monster security checkpoint that allows only ‘real monsters’ to enter the party.

Christmas at Legoland

The colors of the season, marvelous light displays and the ambience of the blessed season. Wonderful party and fun for the whole family in the already colorful Legoland park creates a magical experience for the kids and adults alike.

From mid-November through early January, the park is lit up and decorated for the holidays. Enjoy this mild winter California weather with a snowfall treat at one of the park venue you don’t want to miss with special seasonal entertainment to enjoy and delight.

Christmas party at Legoland with talented live band performance, colorful decorated lights and a warm hot chocolate bring in the ambience of the season of fun and exciteement.

Legoland hotel encore

The Legoland hotel is a wonderful experience with the children. You should try their accommodation for at least a one night stay. They have wonderful activities  for the kids throughout your stay and a wonderful benefit to get in an early access to the park before the crowd. 

Outside the Legoland hotel after breakfast for an early access to the park

Our last few days as a season pass holder was a night stay at the Legoland resort hotel. We stayed at the pirate themed room that housed a bunked bed for the kids and a queen size bed for my wife and I. The treasure hunt to open the treasure box in the room was the highlight of the stay with a wonderful surprise waiting inside for the kids.

The hotel is conveniently located at the main entrance of Legoland California. Guests have an option of different themed rooms, including LEGO friends, pirate, adventure, kingdom, and LEGO NINJAGO. A free buffet breakfast at Brick’s family restaurant to fuel for the day and an early access to the park before the crowd is a nice way to enjoy the park early in the morning after a nice breakfast.

Dance, play and a story telling with a twist. Legoland has the best friendly staff ready to entertain your kids

There are plenty activities for the kids to enjoy on your stay including dance parties, character meet and greet, fun story telling (my children’s favorite), and building lego blocks within the castle play area.

Dance party at Legoland hotel with live DJ’s to pump up the jam

Lego as a an academic reward

Because the children continue to show good academic standings at school, we started rewarding them with their own choice of lego sets after a day’s trip in the park. They look forward to this time. I take my daughter while my wife take my son around the same store. We learn a little about them each time they grab on to their chosen lego set. Their character and creativity in that one box ready to be explored and built. 

We conclude this season pass with a wonderful memory of character building and fun thrill and screams down a technic coaster ride (the families favorite ride).

My Lego story growing up

I recollect the wonderful memories growing up away from my dad because he would come home to us each year with a box of lego sets. I look forward to this yearly bond 300 days each year to be with him for a few quality weeks together before he leaves for work again. He would hand these same lego boxes to me and my brother- wrapped in his wonderful fatherly hug. This gave me a chance to experience his presence, to hope for and look forward to each year. To build wonderful memories and fun together.

Building blocks

“Papa, now can we build Legos?” This is my children’s enthusiasm after completing their nightly task and homework. After my son finishes his truck build, he hugs me from behind while I problem solve with my younger daughter on her helicopter Lego piece set. She is a little frustrated 15 minutes into this build but I teach her the proper way of building the chopper walls, building her up to be patient and focused. We eventually complete the task. We solve problems together, one Lego block at a time. 

The beautiful bond in creating lego blocks together with my kids builds up a lasting impression on them to cultivate and nurture the desire to continue and finish a task. It gave us, as a family, to enjoy each other exposing every bit of the inner child within us.

The most important thing I’ve learned from this experience is to always find the time to set aside my mobile phone and gadget for my family and enjoy a quality time to be physically present for them and enjoy a curated Lego piece to their liking and skill level.

To conclude this article, I took a photo of my son washing his hands on our last day as a pass holder at Legoland California. It gave me a chance to see how much he’s grown. How I use to help him wash his hands in those smaller sink. This image will always play in my mind as I recall a growing little boy ready to venture with a full heart to explore and a child within to solve life’s problem one “Lego blocks” at a time.

our Legoland short story clip

This website runs on a lot of caffeine. Thank you for supporting this site and thank you for the coffee. I enjoy writing these beautiful sentiments of my children and how they are a wonderful joy in traveling the world. I am full of gratitude to be a live to experience this memories with my family. A happy thanksgiving to all!

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