Why you should ‘Minimeis’ when traveling

Here are five reasons why you should consider the minimeis as an alternative baby carrier to maximize your travel experience.

Take it from me and my wife. We have traveled with the two children around the world. Used the Minimeis extensively for over three years. Both children as early as 10 months old internationally and into many national parks. This short review is important for me to share because traveling with children should be fun, engaging and easy on your back!

Here are the 6 important things to realize before you make that jump into purchasing this wonderful travel light invention for parents on the go with little children.

Hands free

As an avid nature lover and amateur photographer, I am constantly using both hands to compose my shots. This carrier has made that a reality while I carry my child with me. I have a mirrorless camera that I carry all the time and is always tethered with me around my neck. This ingenious of an invention keeps my camera in place and ready for candid shots. And speaking of candid moments, both you and your child can enjoy an ice cream treat hands free, together during a nice summer stroll by the beach!


Hands free is a great deal when you travel with children but safety is the most important in all of them. The minimeis has straps both on the child’s legs and one around their waist that serves as a buckle to keep them in place. As your child grow older the waist belt won’t be as necessary. They will outgrow this part in no time but is handy when you need it.

the Byodo-in temple in Honolulu Hawaii | right: Mcway Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur California

travel with kids around the world; not on your back

The weight is on your shoulder not your back. This is very important as the weight is evenly distributed towards your center gravity and not on your back. This is very important because many strollers are just not built for a gravel road or a dirt trail. The minimeis will take you to places, waterfall and high climbs to beautiful vistas that take extra time for you get to by foot. Your child will appreciate you and you will have the best exercise while you travel. Not to mention the wonderful bond you create together. The minimeis let them explore the world in a different and higher perspective.

portable and lightweight

Travel light is one of the main topic on this website and the minimeis delivers just that. A quick pull and fold maneuver makes this an easy stow away and a portable companion while traveling with young children. It is lightweight at 1 kg and sturdy taking a form to fit your shoulder blade like a conventional backpack.

What are the age range

At six months when they are able to fully support their own heads up and up to four years of age per the packaging. Maximum weight at 40 pounds. Now, to be more realistic, three years is about where I push its limit. My kids are lighter in weight than the average children and because I have to factor in a great deal of comfort in carry children at a specific age, I will stick to three years to fully enjoy the minimeis experience; which brings us to the next point to consider. The disadvantages of using the Minimeis.

what are the cons

The very first on the list is the discomfort I start to feel on my shoulders after one hour into the walk or hike with my child. Of course the heavier they get the shorter the time frame. But the beauty of it is that- it is inversely proportional to how much you need to use it as your child grows older. The older they get the more independence they seek- and that is to walk and explore the world on their own. At 10 months when they start to walk, let them walk and explore. This relieves the weight off your back and a way for you to recharge for the next uphill or climb with the little one. Children should always have an off load time as much as you need it. This allow for them to run and play, explore the world and exercise.

The second on the list is when the child falls asleep on you. You might not be able to see them right away but you will feel their weight uneven as they lean towards one side. There is no extra harness to keep them upright when they do fall asleep. And there are many times a long peaceful hike or walk that will make them fall into a sweet slumber.


Front and back baby carrier, multiple strollers have passed and after many years of travel with two children I’ve finally found the perfect (in my own opinion) child carrier. No, I’m not affiliated with the company. I am a dad, a parent just like you who absolutely go on a rabbit hole of research to find the perfect and most fitted item before buying one. I’ve tested and used it for my two children when they were at 6 months to three years of age. We have brought it to our hikes in the Big Island Hawaii, the beautiful and scenic trails in lake Tahoe during the summer season, and many more countless beautiful places we have traveled together as a family. This invention resonate to me because of it’s ergonomics- the many wonderful bonds we had, and will continue to have together with my children.

Emerald Bay state Park, Lake Tahoe | right: The San Diego zoo Safari Park

The best thing about this carrier is how easy I can take my child off my shoulder and back. This makes for an ideal companion as you navigate your way around a busy airport with multiple luggages on both hands, TSA pre checks and the convenience of stowing away its very compact form during a flight.

I hope this article and review shed some light into your decision in what to use for your next travel with your jet setters! Have a blast. Remember to travel light and minimize. Thank you for the coffee | Visit the official Minimeis store.

I am a Hyatt affiliate. Learn how to be a globalist here. I also earn as an Amazon Associate. Thank you for the support!

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