About myself

Hi everyone, I am a travel blogger focusing on writing about my experiences as a father and documenting the joy and inspirations in traveling with my small children. I started this website early in 2022 in the hope of expanding it to help out any new parents who are thinking about traveling with their young children. I am passionate about traveling with my family, documenting them in photographs and enjoy writing as much as I love a fresh brewed coffee early in the morning, and yes!, also very late at night. I post new blog content every Thursday’s and I am working on helpful travel downloads in the future to help you make your journey with the family a little easier.

I am a digital travel nomad and my travel light set up | Left: Hyatt Mission Pacific hotel Right: airBnB Lake Arrowhead, California

Helpful resources

Although traveling with children can be challenging, and packing light can be a daunting task- the many hours put in to research for preparation is a process, it is an art in itself; and I want to encourage you because it is very possible to travel with very young children. Learn a few important travel tips, travel inspirations, and travel gears we put together as helpful resources and inspiration for you to begin your journey as a family.

Bohol, Philippine 2015

Who we are

We are a family of four learning and continuing to discover each other through the intricate process of travel- navigating our way to find home in every corner of the world, wherever our destination takes us. We are learning the fabric of culture through the narratives of food and the inspiration of each individual we meet along the way. The world is our big family, each with his own stories to unravel. We are all dynamic as we start to learn to communicate in simple gestures and genuine smiles. I collect these sentiments in photographs and the stories I write about.

New Orleans 2021 shooting with my favorite fuji X-pro 1 camera

This is a journey and a re-collection of our family travels from my son’s first international flight- his first bite of lechon in the Philippines, my daughter’s milestone steps in the Louvre, descending down the steps at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, to our road trips and travels across the deep south, the beautiful national parks of America, sweet kiping treat in Camiguin Island, and memories in photographs.


My wife has been a constant push and an avid fan of how I journaled my thoughts ever since I’ve started writing way back in 2005. I could not ask for any other wonderful inspiration and team. She is my best travel agent, my best friend, a wanderlust; and make all our travel incredibly fun, engaging and comfortable. She puts the home in every destination. We have been traveling ever since the children were a few month old; and non of those days traveling strange new places made me feel home sick. We’ve created a unique bond of resilient young travelers.

It is with profound gratitude that I am able to see wonderful new places with the family because of this great vessel in my journey that is in Christ, Jesus.

To my children, when you finally find the time to read this, I hope you are filled with inspiration and the love to read, travel, explore culture, indulge in culinary narratives, and find your hearts hurting to find ways to give and share your talents to the world. We are the banyan tree.

This website runs on a lot of caffeine. Thank you for the coffee!

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