10 easy ways to pack and travel light

1. What’s in the bag?

We use two travel luggage(s). One smaller size luggage for the kids and larger one for myself and my wife. The bags contain comfortable mix and match clothes, one extra pair of shoes each, extra underware, socks, and toiletries. The duffle backpack/bag, which also serves as the the carry on, carries travel documents, day clothes, a few important smaller toiletries in transit, emergency medication, and vitamins for the kids. It holds the small sling camera bag stored inside. The kids backpacks carry a choice of plush toy, a light weight doodle pad, day snack and dry clothes in case they need to change. Bright luggage tags works really well to help you find your luggage quickly after a flight.

2. roll clothes, vacume storage bags

Rolling clothes increases the space in the bag and reduce wrinkles in the clothes. Another option to save space is a vacume storage bag. Bring comfortable clothes that can be mix and matched. Colored clothes with prints are prefered for the kids over white colored shirt in case they have minor spill on them. This reduce the chance of changing clothes on a day trip.

3. limit your shoes.

Try to limit bringing two or more extra shoes. One extra pair is ideal. Wear comfortable neutral colored shoes that can match light and dark pants or jeans.

4. toiletries

Don’t overdo packing. Carry travel sized toiletries. Purchase small reusable containers if you need to bring lotion, shampo and body wash. Most hotels have these items available free of charge so you don’t have to. The most important toiletries to bring are toothpaste, deodorant, and a small perfume or cologne.

5. find a hotel with laundry

Laundry saves you plenty of space in your bag and a set of clean fresh clothes. Make sure to have one halfway your travel to wash used clothes. If you can’t find one with avialable laundry, bring plastic to store your dirty clothes and choose a luggage with a separate zippered compartment to separate clean from used dirty clothes. Many places have laundry outside a few walking distance away or better yet choose to book an air BnB that has one. Look for them in advance while you look for a hotel or place to stay.

6. camera gear/bag

Rotate using your camera, gopro and drone if you have all three. This saves battery when you want to document your travel, increase your chance of storage, and keep a backup in case one fails. Carry all three in a small sling bag of your choice preferably a waterproof bag.

Bring a small foldable carrier for all your electronics. Battery charger, mobile charger, digital scale and usb cables. Try to carry a 3 in one charger like this setup (Invizi USB charger, 4 in one charger cable) i use for my mobile phone, apple watch, and battery for camera to charge all three devices at the same time. The electronic carrier can be left in the hotel safe while you go on a day trip. Bring extra battery and SD card.

7. Mobile payment

Try using apple or google pay for faster transaction. I use my apple watch when I pump for gas. Use a mobile phone case wallet to hold two major cards for back up in case you need them. QR codes are gaining popularity and can be very convenient while you are traveling. Enabled digital wallet saves you time. Boarding passes and vaccination cards can now be stored in your mobile wallet. You scan and go without having to pull out travel documents. Just remember to print a copy of your travel document, your passport or visa to bring in case a physical form is needed or worst case scenario- loosing your passport which I hope does not happen! Keep all of these copies safe in your backpack. What I do is put every important item and documents in the hotel safe.

8. water is important.

Collapsible water bottle with carabiner is a great idea. Many international airports now have water refill station. Hyatt hotels have free alkaline water filling station. A carabiner can be hooked on a small backpack or a jean so you have both hands free.

9. inflatables, inflatables.

Inflatable water floaties and life vest have always been in our travel bag. Inflatable neck pillow can also be a great alternative to the more bulky neck pillows.

10. Essential travel gear

Check out our travel essentials gear page to learn more on what we pack. Thank you for your continued support on this site and thank you for the coffee.

I am a Hyatt affiliate. Learn how to be a globalist here. I also earn as an Amazon Associate. Thank you for the support!

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