what’s your story? The fujifilm instax share sp-2

The magic of the moment

Travel is a wonderful experience. Being able to share that experience with people you meet is a blessing. Being able to learn about their story, build a connection, make friendship and leave them with a physical memory of that very momment is something magical. We communicate in an acceptable behavior and gesture, turn approval- to a smile. We connect and empathize with each other. A simple gift or token of a small photographic print bring a lasting memory of friendship in travel. A world more relevant to our own. Finding ourselves in them is not so hard when we connect in such a way that bring joy both ways.

I like to share with you a story from our recent travel to the Philippines.

On our way up a scenic vista and mountain resort in Digos, a mountain side in Mindanao Island, we met up with several children selling handpicked flowers outside Jardin de Senorita (the Netherlands of the Philippines), most likely grown from their own backyard. This resort has a wonderful garden display inside. A little boy named Ryan comes up to my son selling him beautiful wild flowers. We did end up buying from him and was able to learn a little about his home story. His flowers were as wonderful as the carefully trimmed garden inside. What set it apart was his story and his resilience at a young age.

He sells flowers to bring back to his mother so she can buy milk for his little brother. I pulled out my camera with his permission and snapped a photo of both him and my son. I printed him this very shot straight from my fuji camera as a gift and a wonderful remembrance about this wonderful meeting of joy and friendship.

What remained that day was a beautiful reminder Ryan can hold on to as he found a friend in Joel. A reminder for me to hold on and carry his story as I build up my children in respect for the world and the heart to generously give.

Joel and Ryan pose outside the Jardin de Senorita

My grandmother hugs these prints and kisses them as soon as the images come to life. She adores prints and have always wished for them. She tucks them away in her bedside table- also her small altar. She is a little frail now and her memory is a little withered with age, but she handles these photographs like she did when I was a baby she had in her arms. She does not have a mobile device nor does she wants to own one. She just need those small photographs to remind her of the relevance of time and the very picture that become a memory to hold on to.

what is the best camera companion with the fujifilm instax sp-2 printer

I carry the fuji x100f and is compatible with the fuji xp1, 2, and 3. It does not have to go through a mobile device or a special app to print (which you can do), but straight from the camera. This makes for a quick and easy way to print while you are meeting people on the go. These two together are an ideal combination, light enough to travel. It fits easily in any small camera bag.

how much film to bring

two packs or 40 prints for 27$ will get you plenty of extras for a 3 weeks worth of travel.

how do you travel with the printer

I have gone through multiple TSA and luggage checks internationally and have never been questioned in carrying film. One travel to the Philippines went through multiple x ray scanners and honestly have not found any obvious defect or color shift to the film output. My only advice is to have the film accessible if ever they ask for a quick check.

The Pros and Cons

Pros: Image quality! Accesible and responsive once connected. It does not have to go through a mobile app. You can snap a photo from your compatible fuji camera and print directly. It has a reprint button for multiple prints needs, like a birthday party, or a gathering that require multiple prints for give aways. It can print hundreds of photos for one charge. It is an easy micro usb charge. Android or apple app. compatible.

Cons: I’ve encounter ustable connection a few instances once the printer goes into a sleep mode. A little bulky to travel when you want to travel light compared to other portable printer.

travel light with limitations

There is something wonderful about photography and limitations. There is something magical about having one fix lens and having to figure out how to frame a shot. Many time you will wish you brought the extra telephoto lens or the wider lens. But at the end of the day if you need to get that shot you will figure out a creative way of composing it. Pairing photography with this printer is fun and an engaging way in meeting new people as you travel the world.


Children gravitate towards physical and tangible things they can hold on to. Children are engrained to play and communicate with their peers. They don’t hold back anything they want to express. They love magic and surprises. As you hand them these prints they grow more fascinated and as soon as the prints come to life they express joy and laughter. They bring out the most geniune smile.

As we learn to become collectors of isolated memories on our journey to photography and travel, we become story tellers and great listeners. These magical prints being light to that. What connects us are really the same stories we have as we share them with the people we meet.

What is your story?

I will continue to hand these prints as a token of my gratitude as I am able to see life unfold before me and hold on to them a little longer. What I see in the recipient(s) are genuine shock and pleasant surprises as the prints come to life. In that very moment we share a bond of undiscriminated joy and love for life, empathy for each other and a lifelong memory to behold. A story told.

If you are interested in this small duo travel set up you can click on these links: Fujifilm instax sp-2 | fujifilm x100f

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