Create your own passport photos at home

The easiest and most affordable alternative in getting your passport photos is by taking it yourself at home. Yes, at home, on your own convenience and time. It saves you money and saves you time specially having children to photograph. Here is my step by step approach that I have followed the last few years of travel with my family.

Take your photo at home

  • Find a white background and even lighting at home. Make sure the light is diffused, usually in the afternoon. Use a white blanket to cover the wall if you don’t have white wall at home. If you need to use a flash, have it bounce to the ceiling to get an even exposure. Never use a directional flash to the face or a direct window light that create harsh shadows on the face. (I will have a tutorial on this soon).

Upload photo

  • Download and save the printable 4×6 photo file from to a folder in your computer and save to an SD card
  • There is an option to download a single digital photo for an online submission

Print your Passport photos

  • Bring your SD card to Walmart or Target photo center to print
  • or upload your file online at Walmart or Target and pick up as soon as it is done. (This is the easiest and most convenient way in my opinion). It usually takes an hour or two and they will prompt you when pick up is ready.

After you get your photos from the photo lab, cut the 4×6 print at home to get 6 passport photos. And that is really it. It cost less than a dollar for a print. That goes a long way for a family of four like ours. A quick and easy steps I have found to be helpful and used the first time my family traveled to visit Vietnam.

I hope you found this helpful. Thank you for supporting this website. Thank you for the coffee!

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