we are the banyan tree

A welcome note

Let me introduce you to the framed line of this photograph, the becoming of a curious mind and the vertigo of a wanderlust mother.

Let me become anonymous and paint you a raw unedited version of my family. It is in those playful coffee hour of the tungsten lit room where Joycee and I start packing for a trip even before the itinerary., spontaneity. The language of parenting two toddlers in free spirited will to travel, to explore, to be curious, to live -and laugh. To learn from each other.

Volcano Island. Yes! where the fern are dwindling in moss and earthly matter, the banyan tree uprooted with decade stories of belief and character. Until the thundering rain canopy over and everything is a different ecosystem- The Children’s first science biosphere classroom (of some sort- and of grandeur!).

Joel and his deep curiosity in dinosaurs led us to take this holiday of adventure on a living and wakeful volcanic land of million caverns and new coastlines and unpaved road of unique storyline. His mind playful and open to ideas of new and old. Intricate at the same time collective. His mind a canvas of what the world paints for his imagination. His mind out hunting for tall trees and raptors that feed on them.

I want to document those adventures of ordinary and not-so ordinary days. I want my kids to start school early in an airplane looking out the horizon and asking about the distant ray and what lies underneath hazy skies. I want to hon their palate in beautiful taste of different culture, becoming in tune to the phonics of deep accent of the world first hand. I want them to find the medium of undiscriminated joy in our differences and indifference.

I realize that the timeline of our life is outnumbered and time is fleeting. We exists -we thrive and we live. I want to be part of this grandeur gesture and safe place called family. I want to document and live it.

The banyan tree is an epiphyte. It thrives and grow from other family tree. I want to share that passion within my family. The milestone of molding character and uprooting of curious mind. Welcome to my journey and recollections of love and the love to travel as a family.

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  1. Its inspiring to first be filled and then to be filling feeling of this essence that you are carrying your family with. I could likewise sense that freedom that you seek and are sharing it with family and as one unit.

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    1. elijah says:

      Thank you very much. I love to be able to connect to people with the same perspective and outlook to find freedom in their journey.


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